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What Our Customers are Saying

About the Best Softwood Pellets on the Market.

Excellent Product

“Excellent product. No dust. Better than wood. Service is wonderful. They burn hotter so you use less of them”


I Burn Nothing But…

I burn nothing but (Vermont Wood Pellets). High heat, low ash. I tried a couple others brands: less heat, more ash, more work—no thanks!!!

These Kick A**!

Vermont Wood Pellets are the third brand I’ve used and the first softwood brand. I’m sold going forward!!! HANDS DOWN – these kick a**!!! I took a chance with these and I’m glad I did. They burn hot, almost no ash!!!

I’ll Never Use Another Pellet

I’ve learned the hard way that there are a lot of poor-quality pellets on the market that make the job of maintaining your stove a real pain. I’ve switched to pellets made by Vermont Wood Pellet Co. I’m happy with high BTU/low dust and they’re priced right. I’ll never use any other pellet in my stove again!

The Superior Pellet

I have used Vermont (Wood Company) pellets for two years and by far they are the best burning pellets on the market. I tried a dozen or more other pellets, only to have extreme amounts of dust with black glass residue. With Vermont pellets, you don’t have much glass residue and very low ash content with very high BTU output. This softwood pellet is by far the superior pellet.


OMG… What a Pellet! Tried a zillion and there is a huge difference. Very little ash, clean burning and burns HOT! Best pellets I ever burned, bar none…

Have you used Vermont Wood Pellets?

If so, we’d love to hear what you think.

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