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Fueling Warmth for Our Families and Yours

How a Fifth-Generation Lumberman has Changed How Vermonters Burn Wood

Stacked Fire Wood

A Vermont tradition – cutting and stacking wood.

A Big Change in Vermont’s Wood-Burning Tradition

Only the Best Wood Pellet Will Do

With its lush Green Mountains and fierce winters, Vermont is a “hotbed” of wood heating. While plenty of Vermonters still heat their homes the old-fashioned way – chopping and stacking cords of wood – more and more people are turning to the more efficient tradition of burning wood pellets.

Wood pellets were greeted with skepticism when we first introduced the idea to Vermonters.  “Wood has worked just fine for generations,” they said. So if we were going to convince the most skeptical wood burners, we had to make the best wood pellet this industry had ever seen.

Using the latest technology available, we increase efficiency.

Blazing a New Vermont Heating Tradition

We Opened the First Wood Pellet Facility in Vermont

Chris Brooks discovered a closed wood mill in Clarendon, Vermont, in 2009. A fifth-generation lumberman, businessman and pellet stove convert, Chris had the know-how and drive to turn that closed plant into the first wood pellet plant in Vermont.

With the help of a dedicated staff – more than 20 local Vermonters who also believe in the benefits of wood pellets – we invented HeatRight™, a proprietary process which produces the best pellets on the market today. And we’re not just saying that; just ask the thousands of hardened Vermont skeptics who have switched over to the cleaner burning, low maintenance, cost efficient warmth of Vermont Wood Pellet Co fuel.

Multiple screenings reduces fines and dust.

The Best Wood Pellet in the Industry

Vermont Wood Pellet Employees Keep Their Families Warm – and Yours Too

Our employees burn Vermont Wood Pellet fuel from October through April to keep their families warm. They are our most loyal customers, and our best critics too. Not only did they help us invent the HeatRight™ technology, but their dedication to constantly improving our process comes from their desire to keep their homes warm, reduce stove maintenance, protect the beauty of Vermont, and save money.

The result is an honest, 100% natural wood pellet. Our advanced HeatRight™ technology means our pellets have a longer burn, produce high BTUs, leave less ash in your stove, and protects our air.

Simply put, our employees ensure that Vermont Wood Pellet fuel is the best in the industry.

Keeping our forests beautiful for today and tomorrow.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Our Vermont Values Teach us to Protect the Environment

As residents of the Green Mountain State, we are compelled to respect and protect our natural landscape. We are committed to sustainable, renewable harvesting techniques that ensure our forests are as beautiful and vibrant tomorrow as they are today.

As you probably know, wood pellets reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and are one of the cleanest energy sources for home heating. Our HeatRight™ process ensures that Vermont Wood Pellet fuel is the cleanest burning pellet in the industry. We don’t use cheap fillers and additives, so our pellets are a carbon-neutral heating choice that safeguards our air.

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