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Warm, Long Burning Pellets

Vermont Wood Pellet Bag

High Heat Output at Lower Cost

Our locally-harvested softwoods deliver high heat output, and our proprietary HeatRight technology hyper-compresses the pellets to burn as long as hardwoods – a combination that delivers clean, warm heat while minimizing the cost per BTU. The perfect blend of technology and traditional heat.

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Less Ash, Less Work


Unparalleled Ease of Maintenance

Our pellets produce only 20 cups of ash per ton because we use high quality forested pine with no fillers, and control moisture content throughout our process. This combination results in low ash, clean chimneys and carbon neutral emissions. Cleaner burning pellets equal less maintenance.

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Sustainable Harvesting


As Vermonters, We Respect Our Forests

As residents of the Green Mountain State, we are compelled to respect and protect our natural landscape. We are committed to sustainable, renewable harvesting techniques that ensure our forests are as beautiful and vibrant tomorrow as they are today.

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"Excellent product. No dust. Better than wood. Service is wonderful. They burn hotter so you use less of…

Rick Sherman, Trader Rick's

I burn nothing but (Vermont Wood Pellets). High heat, low ash. I tried a couple others brands: less…

Chaley, Posted on

HANDS DOWN - these kick a**!!! I took a chance with these and I'm glad I did. They burn hot, almost no ash!!!

John M, Posted on

I've switched to pellets made by Vermont Wood Pellet Co. I’m happy with high BTU/low dust and they’re priced right.

Steve Fenn, Rutland VT

I have used Vermont (Wood Company) pellets for two years and by far they are the best burning pellets on the market.

Wayne, Posted on

OMG... What a Pellet! Tried a zillion and there is a huge difference. Very little ash, clean burning and burns HOT! Best pellets I ever burned, bar none...

Marc and Amy Trestman, Dorset VT

Awarded “Best of the Best”


HeatRight technology by Vermont Wood Pellet

Heat Right Technology

HeatRight is a proprietary pellet manufacturing process that results in the highest quality pellet on the market.  Each step in this multi-stage production process ensures that Vermont Wood Pellet fuel lasts longer, burns hotter and cleaner, and produces less ash than any of our competitors.

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Our Dealers Keep You Warm

Vermont Wood Pellet retailers are with you every step of the way. Our dealers are experts in helping you find the right wood pellet solution to ensure that your home is warm throughout the heating season. We invite you to visit a Vermont Wood Pellet retailer and learn how your home can be filled with Pure. Vermont. Warmth.

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We Stand Behind Every Bag

The proud employees of the Vermont Wood Pellet Company stand behind every pellet-filled bag they make. It is on their behalf that we strive for your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you are not happy with our product, please contact your dealer so that we can make it right.

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